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When: Tuesday 9 a.m. and Wed. 5:15 p.m.
Where: Shearwater & Bali Hai Villas Clubhouses
Cost: $20 for 90 minutes
Check: The current CALENDAR

About the Kumu (teacher)...

Eugene started weaving at an early age, learning from his lifeguard uncle on Wailua Beach. "When there was no surf, we would weave hats and baskets, and sell them to the tourists. If there were no tourists around, we'd still have lunch... eating the coconuts! The coconuts were a good source of food."
A Kaua'i native, Eugene share his knowledge of weaving through weekly classes throughout the Princeville Wyndham properties.
Talk to your concierge about these classes or call Eugene at 808-639-7722.
Private classes and souvenir baskets are available, too!

Contact your Concierge
Bali Hai: (808) 826-2803
Ka 'Eo Kai: (808) 826-8165
Shearwater: (808) 826-7601
Kauai Beach Villas: (808) 241-1004


  • Color codes indicate location
  • PAHIO guests are welcome to attend any class
  • Schedule is subject to change. CHECK the current schedule and contact your concierge to register.
  • CLICK for map to PAHIO Resorts in Princeville

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Coconut Basket Weaving Class

Coconut Basket Weaving Class

Learn how to weave a decorative and functional coconut frond basket to take home. What a great rememberance from your PAHIO experience!

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