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About PAHIO Resorts, Kauai, Hawaii

PAHIO is dedicated to creating great resorts and unparalleled vacation experiences - and to preserving the beauty and integrity of Kauai for future generations.
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Benefits of Ownership
An Affordable Home in Paradise
Few people can afford a luxurious second home in an exclusive vacation area - especially on Kauai, where land costs are high and new construction is strictly limited. Even those who can afford it, usually don't want the hassle of taking care of a second property. Vacation ownership, however, makes it not only possible, but simple and affordable. It's a great way to ensure a lifetime of top quality vacations.
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Environmental Responsibility
The natural beauty of Kauai is the foundation upon which PAHIO Resorts is built, and we are strongly committed to preserving it. Every project was designed, built and landscaped to protect the environment and harmonize with both the natural setting and the local community. In every PAHIO resort, you'll find winding walkways, streams, ponds and flower gardens that add, rather than detract, from the natural beauty of the area.
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At PAHIO Resorts, you are more than an honored guest - you are part of the PAHIO ohana. "Ohana" is an important word in the Hawaiian lexicon. It means family, and it reflects the strong sense of warmth, integrity and caring that is so central to Hawaiian culture.
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The PAHIO Advantage
World Class Value
Since new resort development on the island of Kauai is strictly limited, there's virtually no chance that supply will catch up with the demand for high quality vacation accommodations on the island.
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